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Tax form downloads for HMRC and Companies House

Whether you’re self-employed, appointing a new company director, setting up a limited company, or trying to claim income tax back, you need to navigate your way through HMRC and Companies House to make sure you file the correct paperwork. 

So, here we want to share some forms that are important for yourself and your business when it comes to filing with HMRC and Companies House. Of course, if you’re working with a qualified accountant, these will be taken care of for you but if you want to do it yourself, this could be a helpful starting point.

Popular HMRC & Companies House Forms

Most of the forms can be downloaded, printed out, and posted but a couple are linked to an online version of the form.

Income Tax Forms

P50 – Claim Income Tax back when you’ve stopped work

R38 – Claim an Income Tax refund

National Insurance Forms

CA5601 – Apply to pay self-employed National Insurance by Direct Debit

CA8480 – Apply for a refund of Class 2 National Insurance

VAT Forms

VAT1 – Register for VAT

VAT68 – Request for transfer of a registration number

VAT7 – Application to cancel your VAT registration

VAT484 – Changes to VAT registration details

VAT622 – Pay VAT from your bank or building society account

VAT623 – Set up a Direct Debit for VAT Annual Accounting Scheme payments

VAT652 – Notify HMRC of errors in your VAT return

Self Assessment Forms

SA100 -Self Assessment Tax Return (2020)

Companies House Forms

LP5 – Register a limited partnership with Companies House

IN01 – Register your company with Companies House

AD01 – Change a company’s registered office address

AP01 – Appoint a director

CH01 – Change the details of a director

TM01 – Terminate an appointment of a director

Want extra clarity and peace of mind?

This list is not exhaustive. It’s just some of the most popular and most requested forms for HMRC and Companies House. Depending on your personal situation and the needs of your business, you may need something different from what’s listed here.

Take a look at HMRC’s website for more – it can be tricky to navigate so if you’re looking for extra clarity, speak to a local accountant so you can be confident that you’ve filed correctly.

If you’d like more detailed, one-to-one advice please give us a call on 07498 506475 or drop us an email.